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The Model 18: A Better Grip

We’re excited to announce the release of our Model 18, a knife that is designed for maximum feel and function. The Model 18 has been in development for over two years and was built from intent research.

The Model 18 is the newest addition to the Liong Mah collection of knives. Designed to perform at a high level and be comfortable to use, this knife will make your everyday functional tasks more enjoyable.

Whether you use it for work or personal tasks at hand this knife may change your perception of what a knife can do for you. The Model 18 knife provides you with the functional usability you need and the design you want.

How It Starts

The handle starts off a little bit thicker than a ½ inch block, that’s about six-thousandths of an inch of titanium. Because of the innate properties of titanium, it takes about a full week to precisely cut out a block for a single knife handle.

The Perfect Companion

Most people expect more from their everyday carry blade, while others don’t know how to pick out an EDC knife from other premium knives. The key is in its thoughtful ergonomic design, choice of construction materials, and its ease of use.

The Model 18 is very easy to use and it fills the hand nicely. It allows for multiple grip options which allows you to perform everyday tasks, outdoor activities, or fine cutting.

It can be a critical companion when you need it. Collectors who’ve tested this knife say that carrying it makes them feel prepared for anything.

The Model 18 knife was made to last — it’s both practical and innovative.

Seamless Premium Inlays

The inlays are an evolution of design, and material choices. They give off a subtle shimmer and a camouflage that makes you want to appreciate it more and more — perfect for any occasion.

Unlike traditional carbon fiber material, the resins used in this Carbon Fiber inlay give it the excellent ability to be milled, creating a seamless finish.

More Than Just Sharpness

When you want a knife that’s going to stand the test of time, this Crucible S90V steel blade on the Model 18s will cut through even the toughest of tasks. With an additional Damasteel option to choose from, you are sure to find the one that fits you. It measures 3.75 inches from the point to the knife’s handle.

It’s as hard, as it is well-honed and steely. If you’ve never heard the term edge-retention, you’re missing one of the best attributes of this knife. It’s precise with a super keen edge making it ridiculously sharp.

The blade has enough belly so you can have a good slicing motion — giving it ease and precision. Who knows when you will need an EDC with a proven blade that provides a modern handle design with robust functionality. As a bonus, this EDC blade is also stain-resistant, which helps you out when you’re engaged in outdoor activities or sticky situations. 

Maintaining your Model 18 EDC

The challenge most knife owners experience is determining how often and when to clean and maintain their EDC knives. Every knife is different, but with this EDC knife, all that’s necessary to maintain its steely shine and snug handle is to ensure you run it underwater with light soap.

Gently swab the light soapy water with your hand and try not to use any sponges with a hard or rough surface. Instead, you want to wipe it dry with a soft cloth after giving it a thorough rinsing. The best way to dry it, so you get down into the crevices, is to blow out the knife’s inside with compressed air. 

If you used WD-40 to clean it, make sure you wipe the knife down until all the WD-40 is off. Paper towels do a wonderful job of ensuring the WD-40 is completely wiped down. Then, spray with a little bit of Windex to ensure your steely blade keeps its shine.

The Inspiration

One of the biggest challenges as a knife crafter is that your finished product doesn’t just have to look good, but it also has to feel good. What’s worse is finding a knife that works in style and design, then realizing you cannot keep a good grip on the handle. That particular challenge makes any knife almost worthless to the knife user.

Throughout the design process, the following questions guided the creation of the Model 18

  • How would it feel in the user’s hand?
  • Does it make you want to use it?
  • Is it comfortable enough to make someone want to use it over and over again?

It’s all about how the knife makes you feel. Take a look at the things you own. How does it make you feel? Do they feel special to you because they make you feel a certain way? Are they tied to a memory of the past? Does it compliment you as a person? 

Precision Design Evolution for the modern-traditional

Precision design evolution doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes the right material, with the most functional design providing a knife handle that perfectly fits your grip. Inlays help give your knife handles that subtle shimmer disguised through camouflage and its character.  

The inlays are milled into precise designs. The premium materials of this EDC knife are of great importance because you can see and feel the strength. The stainless steel hardware shield pivots and takes on the triangular shape reminiscent of the crusades. The shield has remained popular in cultures throughout the world as a sign of authority and strength. 

The Model 18 is where precise design meets timeless form and function with a modern twist. Don’t wait to make the Integral 18 a part of your permanent knife collection.

The Model 18 – It fits you like your favorite pair of gloves.


  • img-28 Bernardus H Jones says:

    Fabulous knife, waited two years for it. No sharpening choil or added jimping to the frame lock would be my only recommendations. Love the execution and inlays. Reate did a great job, as always. I compare it to some of my handmade knives. So glad I was finally able to get one.


    • img-29 owner_lmd says:

      Bernardus, Thank you for looking over the Model 18. It took lots of patience from everyone. Enjoy


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