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The Functional EDC Collection

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EDC Knife Accessories

Mokuti Knife Clip

Upgrade your EDC knife with LMD’s latest innovation – Mokuti Clips. Crafted with the finest materials and stylishly designed, these clips are the perfect complement to your knife collection.

With unique designs, Mokuti creates a stunning pattern that’s sure to catch the eye of everyone around you. It’s time to elevate your EDC.

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Versatile Options

Tanto One T-1 Kaiken EDC Folder

“If James Bond had a favorite EDC this would probably be it.” The sleek and well-constructed Tanto One features 11 premium handle styles, a shape and design that projects a rugged elegance, and a blade that excels at piercing and slicing.

The T-1’s versatility is unmatched. It allows you to transition to any occasion without a hitch.

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Sharing the art of knife design

Behind the scenes with

Liong Mah

Welcome to the beautiful world of knife craftsmanship. The passion for this art form started when I was a full time Chef in New York City. LMD is the culmination of 19 years of knife appreciation and design.

Looking forward, I consistently ask myself what I could bring to the table? What do people such as yourself need and want to see regarding knives, one of the oldest tools known to man. What designs can I pioneer and how can I push the envelope with respect to aesthetics, functionality, and feel while still staying true to the art. To create functional works of art.

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• knife designer-offering Premium Edge Tools
• love great food, travel and art. Care taker of fruit trees.📍Palm Bay, FL 🇺🇸


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