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Lanny Knives: A Formidable feel

If you’re looking for an edc knife that’s lightweight and has a formidable feel, the L1 Lanny from Liong Mah Design is the answer. With its durable design and innovative materials, the L1 was designed with a lifetime of day-to-day use in mind. The stunning lanny knives feature premium handles giving it a sleek and stylish design.

Intently Crafted

The L1 Lanny pays homage to the traditional slip joint knife with a modern twist. Inspired by renowned knife maker Tony Bose, Liong Mah reimagines the classic lanny slip joint style with an assisted opening innovation; the captured pivot hardware offers a swift, responsive blade deployment.

It features tough, durable steel production blades that offer a great counterbalance feel in your hand and lets you cut quickly and precisely. There are two different types of blade steels available with the L1 edc knife: Damasteel Damascus Steel, and Crucible S90V Steel.

Ergonomically Designed edc knife

A classic stainless steel bolster enhances the classic geometry of the handle. Like the finest modern knife designs, the L1 features a tapered blade spine, rounded jimping, and comfortable finger rest.

It offers a a nail nick opener, so you can open it with two hands without hurting your fingers. The L1 Lanny is an intently designed edc knife, with your everyday needs in mind

The blades are handcrafted by Master craftsmen before being fitted with titanium handles. It’s a must have from the Liong Mah Design collection.

Premium Inlaid Handles

Liong Mah Designs lanny knives like the new L1 to revolutionize the way you think about cutlery. The knives in this set have their own unique aesthetics.

The new Lanny collection features handles made from premium materials like the Mokuti, Brain Coral, Raindrop Copper alloy, Marble Carbon Fiber, Mars Valley, Purple Haze, Winter Storm, and Textured Titanium. The only question left to ask is which one will you choose.

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