Traveler – Sheep foot – Carbon Fiber


Overall Length: 6.20 in

Blade Length: 2.70 in

Blade Thickness: 0.145 in

Blade Material: Bohler-M390

Blade Style: Sheep Foot

Handle Material: G-10 with CF

Weight: 3.0 ounces

With so many knife enthusiasts living in areas that have strict knife laws, Liong Mah began to explore options that would allow law abiding citizens to carry a pocket knife legally. The Traveler was intended to be the best legal folding pocket knife to meet the bill.

The Traveler is a small slip joint with a utility blade made of M390 steel, with a choice of full carbon fiber or Micarta handles plus reversible pocket clip.

It features a Sheep Foot blade. A Sheep Foot blade’s main purpose is for cutting and slicing while minimizing the possibility of something being accidentally pierced by the point.

Emergency responders use Sheep Foot knives to cut seatbelts and other restraints safely without injuring victims with a sharp point. Sailors use Sheep Foot knives to safely cut the rigging without piercing the sails. This blade’s superior cutting ability is further enhanced by the knife’s flat grind, perfect for pushing the entire knife into something.

The knife comes with a form fitting ambidexterous design. Like all of Liong Mah’s custom luxury handmade knives, this one is a limited edition knife.

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