The Vision for Eutektik

Knives for all pockets

 Several years ago I was approached to create a line of products that would be more affordable. My current market is only bought by the 1% of the top 1% of all knife buyers. To most knife users spending $500 to 1500 dollars on a knife was unheard of. This does not mean they have not spent that amount on a knife before.  They will not use such an expensive knife daily. 

     So the conversation became about how to get more of my work into the hands of knife users and enthusiasts.  In theory, this would be easy for me to do because I have several designs already released into the world. And these designs are well-loved. When I do get feedback on my products it is usually they are out of their price range. Now the real challenge then becomes being able to produce those designs with suitable blade steels, and good handle materials and have them function like my more expensive products. 

     There were also several factors to understand. Having my designs produced at a lower cost is just one of them. There are already many companies producing an affordable line of knives and products. And these products are great. They are also well-established in the market. And have spent the last several years promoting their products.  They have a loyal fan following. And establishing a new brand is not easy. How would I meet these challenges?

That in itself is the ultimate challenge.

 What would be my new brands’ name? I set out on a search- online, with a few trusted friends. Finally a close friend told me about a term that has been used in scientific research. The word was Eutectic.

Eutektik category hero image

The definition of eutectic is two materials melting at the same melting point. I felt that fit for my new brand.  

My vision for Eutektik is that everyone has a great affordable knife in their pocket. That knife functions flawlessly, keeps a great edge and is easy to maintain. Creating this vision is one thing, building a new brand out of it is another. 

The three chosen ones from Eutektik

 I set out with three designs encompassing several things I wanted on my products. A good carry size, slim profile that still feels good in the hand, lightweight, and easy deployment.  We chose Swedish Sandvik 14C28N steel for the blades. The characteristics of Sandvik 14c28n are that it has stain-fighting properties and holds a great edge with good toughness. 


For the handles it would be a linerlock construction with nested liners into G10 scale. G10 is known for its toughness and durability. The liners would be stainless steel. And the pocket clips would be reversible for righty or lefty carry.

Eutektik – Trinity

 The first model is the Trinity. With three different opening methods which include the thumb holefront flipper and back flipper. The Trinity is a fidget friendly folder design that is fun and capable of doing work.

Eutektik – EFD

The second design is the efd-everyday field duty. Based on my popular field duty design. The efd has a slimmer profile for ease of carry.

Eutektik – Binary

     The third design is the binary. A spear point flipper that is slim and all business. All three models deliver on my vision for Eutektik

I believe Eutektik offers a great option for knife users who are looking for quality and performance at an affordable price. I am excited to see how the brand grows and develops in the coming years.

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