The Everyday Field Duty knife, The EFD by Liong

A clean pocket knife

The EFD or Everyday Field Duty was designed to be a daily carry for those who love my higher end Liong Mah Design Field Duty knife. Because the Eutektik EFD is meant to be a daily carry, I wanted a few different specifications on this version.

First, I wanted to blade to be slightly thinner. The blades on the EFD are .125 thick. This was an affordable version, I chose a stainless that was easy to resharpen held a good edge, and was corrosion resistant too. We went with Swedish Sandvik 14c28n steel. To keep the weight down we put in partial liners nested into the G10 frame. G10 is an aerospace material that is load-bearing and doesn’t move.

With all this, the EFD comes in at 3.7 ounces compared to the 5.5 ounces of the higher-end version.
To top this off we offer both right and left-handed versions with reversible pocket clips on both. All hardware is hardened stainless steel.

We thought of the EFD as a knife that was suitable for any situation, a knife that anyone could have in their pocket and when pulled out demonstrate its capacity and efficiency quite cleanly. We provide a variety of colors to make the user experience even better, different finishes such as stonewash or the black finish of blackwash. Without a doubt, the EFD is an extraordinary knife, as it is an excellent piece for an enthusiastic knife lover with experience and for a user who is just starting with knives.

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