T-1 Tanto One – The Dynamic Kaiken

The inspiration for the T-1

When you first lay your eyes on the T-1 out in the world, it appears to seamlessly “just fit,” yet stand out with a rugged elegance. It seamlessly allows its owner to adapt to casual, business, and formal environments.

If “James Bond” ever owned an EDC knife, this would probably be it. The unfolded Tanto One boasts a sleek, formidable composure. It’s described as discreet yet admirable. The T-1 is the slimmest EDC knife in the Liong Mah Design Collection.

It features Steel hardware with a Titanium-milled pocket clip attached to a 2-piece titanium handle. To top it off the blade is housed in a kaiken, or Kwaiken style folder.

T-1 Tanto One Dynamic Kaiken | Kwaiken Folder - Top View

The T-1 Collection

Handle Material: Titanium with:

  • Green Micarta
  • Marble Carbon Fiber
  • Sculpted Titanium
  • Burlap Micarta
  • Carbon Fiber w/ Mokuti Clip
  • Fat Carbon Arctic Storm Inlay
  • Fat Carbon Gold Camo Inlay
  • Fat Carbon Mars Valley
  • Fat Carbon White Storm Inlay
  • Half Titanium / Half Carbon Fiber
  • Mokuti

    T-1 Specifications

    Handle Material: Titanium with a range of handle types defined in line-up
    Handle Length: 4.6in
    Blade Length: 3.75in (3.5in cutting edge)
    Blade Thickness: 0.145in
    Blade Material: M390 | Damascus Damasteel
    Blade Style: Tanto

    Construction: 2-piece titanium handles with integrated backspacer
    Weight: Ranges from 3.4 to 4.3 ounces | 5 ounce (Mokuti)
    Blade Finish: Frosted Satin | Acid-washed | Hand-Rubbed | Stone-washed
    Handle Finish: Titanium stone-washed | Stone-washed | Titanium wire-wheel | Acid-washed

    LMD conceptually explored the T-1 after designing the Warrior v2 and the Lanny. And you’re hearing it here first – the warrior v3 will feature a special version of the tanto blade that isn’t out there yet.

    This knife is for you. LMD has incorporated details that customers have requested such as a lanyard hole, a proper clip, and a blade that is fully enclosed into the handle (there is no opening on the back).

    While anyone looking for a functional carry knife would appreciate the T-1, you may personally be seeking this type of knife if you wear business attire.

    Because it’s made with such premium materials anyone can own a T-1 with confidence that it will perform for them when they need it the most. LMD intentionally seeks to create a type of synergy between user-centric design and premium selected materials.

    T-1 Tanto One Dynamic Kaiken | Kwaiken Folder

    What is a Tanto?

    Tanto or Tantō means is a short sword or dagger less than 12 inches in length. The Tanto originates from Feudal Japan starting 794 B.C. and was traditionally used as an auxiliary protection tool in close-quarter environments.1

    Liong Mah’s EDC version of the Tanto was created for modern individuals who operate in diverse environments. People looking to hold a beautiful, functional part of history in their hands.

    This knife doesn’t just accent and compliments your style, it easily performs the tasks you need it for as an everyday carry.

    A Liong Mah Design Kaiken Folder

    The T-1 is designed with a Kaiken or Kwaiken-style folder. You can identify this style by how the blade fits completely into the handle.

    In Liong Mah’s exploration of how to bring out different Tanto shapes, he decided to introduce his version of the Kaiken folder.

    Coming Soon

    T-1 Tanto One - Fat Carbon Gold Camo

    Why would you want a knife with a slimmer blade?

    Having a knife with a slimmer blade makes it easier to cut and easier to carry. It also doesn’t take up a lot of pocket reality than a knife with a bulkier blade.

    While the slimmer blade on the Tanto One allows it to be lighter in weight, it’s not the lightest knife in the LMD collection. It generally ranges in weight from 3.7 to 4.3oz, with the Mokuti version being the heaviest exception at 5oz due to Mokuti being Titanium Damascus.

    The Tanto One features a beautiful hollow grind on its blade.  This level of blade detail requires the application of extreme precision and skill.

    Currently, this type of grind can only be done by hand grinding the blade on a belt grinder. 

    T-1 Tanto One - Fat Carbon Mars Valley

    Maintaining your T1 - Tanto One

    To ensure the longevity and prominence of your Tanto One, determine the type of cleaning required based on what it’s being used to cut, pierce, or slice. If what you’re cutting into leaves any kind of residue, the blade will require care. To preserve the blade’s Bohler M390 steel, rinse it with soap and water, taking special care to wipe it dry before closing it.

    Compressed air or a Q-tip may be used to remove any remaining dust.

    To maintain the smoothness of the flipper action, Apply a drop of pivot oil to the pivot’s bearings at least once a year. Use discretion as to how to clean your EDC based on the type of use and frequency of use.


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