New Model 18 Release: The Better Grip

The Model 18: A Better Grip

We’re excited to announce the release of our Model 18, a knife that is designed for maximum feel and function. The Model 18 has been in development for over two years and was built from intent research.

The Model 18 is the newest addition to the Liong Mah collection of knives. Designed to perform at a high level and be comfortable to use, this knife will make your everyday functional tasks more enjoyable.

Whether you use it for work or personal tasks at hand this knife may change your perception of what a knife can do for you. The Model 18 knife provides you with the functional usability you need and the design you want.

Liong Mah Design - Mars Valley inlay - s90 steel blade
How It Starts

The handle starts off a little bit thicker than a ½ inch block, that’s about six-thousandths of an inch of titanium. Because of the innate properties of titanium, it takes about a full week to precisely cut out a block for a single knife handle.

The Perfect Companion

Most people expect more from their everyday carry blade, while others don’t know how to pick out an EDC knife from other premium knives. The key is in its thoughtful ergonomic design, choice of construction materials, and its ease of use.

The Model 18 is very easy to use and it fills the hand nicely. It allows for multiple grip options which allows you to perform everyday tasks, outdoor activities, or fine cutting.

It can be a critical companion when you need it. Collectors who’ve tested this knife say that carrying it makes them feel prepared for anything.

The Model 18 knife was made to last — it’s both practical and innovative.

Liong Mah Design - Integral 18 EDC Knife

Seamless Premium Inlays

The inlays are an evolution of design, and material choices. They give off a subtle shimmer and a camouflage that makes you want to appreciate it more and more — perfect for any occasion.

Unlike traditional carbon fiber material, the resins used in this Carbon Fiber inlay give it the excellent ability to be milled, creating a seamless finish.

Inlay options:

  • Raindrop Copper Inlay
  • Mokuti Inlay
  • Fat Carbon Marble Carbon Fiber Inlay
  • Brain Coral
  • Mars Valley Inlay
  • Purple Haze Inlay
  • Textured Titanium
  • Winter Storm Inlay
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