Field Duty Folder: EDC Knife Scales

The Road To The Right Fit

Knife and outdoor enthusiasts have been patiently waiting for Liong Mah Design’s Field Duty Folder. The Field Duty Folder is the first in a series of pre-orders that were slated for release in early 2023.

What makes this knife so appealing is that it features an interchangeable scale-bolster pair. To maintain the integrity of the craftsmanship and the flushness of the scale to the bolster, the interchangeable scales will be offered as a scale-bolster set. This is the first time an LMD knife has featured this option in design. It’s been highly requested and LMD has delivered.

For 24hrs, at a special LMD pre-order price point, this knife did not last long! For those who like to handle and hold their knives in-person before deciding on it or if you missed out on this one, don’t worry, it will be available at your local dealer.

Field Duty Folder Layout

Quality materials. Functional design. Crafted with intention.
Available in Left and Right-Hand Configurations

Green Canvas Micarta

Handle Scale

Titanium Bolsters

3.5inch Blade

Finger Guard

Back Clip Screw

Titanium Backspacer

Thumb Serrations

How It Stacks Up

The well-suited Field Duty folder is designed to meet the challenges of outdoor use. The drop point blade is flat ground for great cutting performance.

It’s paired with an opening hole cutout on the blade and reversible titanium spring clip for more versatility. The Field Duty Folder comes with stonewash titanium handles bolsters, backspacers and clip.

The Field Duty Folder features a slightly smaller blade at 3.5 inch than the original , which has a 3.7 inch blade length. The overall length of the both knives are the same. Liong Mah Design’s goal is always to try to maximize the blade to handle ratio, while ensuring the edge of the blade doesn’t come in contact with a user’s hand. This ratio is not a detail that every maker focuses on, but LMD wants to make sure customers get an important choice.


  • 3.5 inch – s90v Blade
  • Stonewash Finish
  • 4.5 inch handle
  • Stonewash Titanium Bolster
  • Backspacer
  • Clip
  • Machine Satin Finish – Dark Matter
  • Handrub Satin Finish – Artic Storm
  • Wirewheel Titanium Bolster – Camo Gold
  • Steel liner – Artic Storm, Camo Gold

Field Duty Folder Options:



Dark Matter Black FD

  • s90v blade-machine satin finish
  • stonewash titanium bolsters, clip
  • fat carbon dark matter black carbon fiber scales


Green Canvas Micarta

  • s90v blade-stonewash finish
  • stonewash titanium bolsters, clip
  • green canvas micarta scales


Crosscut Arctic Storm FD

  • s90v blade-handrub satin finish
  • wired wheel titanium bolsters, clip
  • fat carbon crosscut arctic storm carbon fiber scales


Field Duty Folder Camo Gold FD

Camo Gold FD

  • s90v blade-handrub satin finish
  • wired wheel titanium bolsters, clip
  • fat carbon camo gold carbon fiber scales


Field Duty Folder Brown Burlap Micarta

Brown Burlap Micarta

  • s90v blade-stonewash finish
  • stonewash titanium bolsters, clip
  • brown burlap micarta scales
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